Nate and Emily Wedding

July 20, 2018

My goal as a wedding photographer is to ultimately use my gifts to bless the couple and invest in the marriage by capturing moments of their joyful commitment to one another. And it is a gift to work with couples such as Nate and Emily who are so inviting and excited about sharing their wedding experience with me.

From the tear-filled wedding to the wild and cultural dance party followed by the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar, this wedding was the perfect picture of joy. (Watch their choreographed first dance here – one of the best I’ve ever seen!) Smiles were everywhere, and if there wasn’t smiling, there were tears of joy. There were smiles all day, and if there weren’t smiles, there were tears of joy. The wedding wasn’t special because of sparkly decorations or a fancy venue; it was special because of the people and how their hearts truly rejoiced over this marriage. Set in a modest backyard with chairs lined across the lawn and lights strung throughout the trees, an image of simple beauty could be seen.

It’s easy to say this was one of my favorite weddings of 2018.