Switzerland Adventure Elopement

November 28, 2019

The Love Story – told by Michelle:

“As adventurers at heart, Andrew and I love the thrill of travel and reveling in the outdoors. The bigger the adventure, the better. And the ultimate adventure for us was an elopement in the Swiss Alps! We wanted an intimate and exciting experience focussed mainly on our love for one another. What better way to do that than elope in the destination of our dreams? After reading our vows to each other, we savored our first dance in a field dotted with wild flowers surrounded by snowcapped mountains—it was more than we could ever imagine.”




During our first day, we conquered the Hardergrat hike. This spot was EPIC as the trail drops on both sides to the lakes down below. Michelle took this on in her sparkly Keds while Andrew braved it in his dress shoes!

Switzerland had so much to offer Michelle and Andrew.  From hiking through the mountain tops and valleys of the Alps, to riding the train through scenic Swiss countryside, this was an elopement adventure they will never forget!

Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and surrounding areas

Dress: Moonlight Bridal

Shoes: Keds